Contemplating Life

Where did my life go?  On December 31, 2009 I decided, 2010 would be my best year ever. Yes, I’m really going to make things happen this year. I’m going to kick this RA disease in the butt. I’m going to break new ground, go places I’ve never been before (figuratively speaking). I’m going to take risks. I’m going to create a vision, set goals, list action steps and DO IT! Way to go Marianne! You CAN do it!

I’m standing in the room where most of my revelations happen, where the only paper available is on a roll.  Suddenly, it hits me like a lightening bolt.  I’ll be eligible to collect CPP (Canada Pension) in five years.  “What?” I gasp.  Mouth drops.  Five years, that’s nothing.  Do you know how quickly five years passes?  My mind drifted back over the last five years.  What have I accomplished?  What do I have to show that proves I’m moving forward?  Nothing, except maybe, more wrinkles!   Wow, it seems like, in an instant five years passes.  In the snap of a finger, it’s gone!  As if that was not enough, my mind searched through the five years prior only to come up with, the same old nothing.   

Did I just wake up?  Have I been sleeping?  Yes, that’s it, Marianne.  You’ve been stuck in your own personal nightmare, consumed by fear, worry, stress, self-doubt and self-criticism, not to mention disease.  Where is the fun in that?  Where is the creativity, enthusiasm, happiness and above all, where is the love in ALL that negative stuff?

I have a grandeur vision for myself.  Can I be a senior citizen and still become rich and famous?

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6 thoughts on “Contemplating Life

  1. Sounds like you are waking up to some amazing opportunities!
    It reminds me of the quote that says “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

    You’re at a crossroads – 5 years from now you can look back and say the same thing OR you can be somewhere totally different. The choice is yours – and it’s a choice you make TODAY. Ahhhhh….the power of NOW : )

    What a great reminder – thank you!

  2. That’s what happened to me when I kept getting stuck ghostwriting for others. I wasted 6 or more years doing that. Had nothing to show for it. One day I watched The Secret and I wasn’t into the “universe” stuff, but I did get the message to “start living as if what you want to happen in your life has already happened” and that’s what I did and it’s what made me become a marketer.

    Make a list for yourself – a list where if you had all the skills you needed, and all the courage, time, money etc. – what things would you achieve this year? Then step by step break down those obstacles.

    If it’s an issue of knowledge, get some good guidance – forums, guides, free content, YouTube videos, etc., and learn what it is you need to know. If it’s money, eat beans and rice to save up for that tool you need. Etc.

    Make it happen girl.

  3. Remember Grandma Moses, who didn’t start painting until she was a senior citizen. Yes! Anything is possible! All it really takes is one tiny success (and the definition of success is totally determined by you). Then build on that. It may be hard to get things rolling, but once you start, you’ll be amazed at the doors that open and the people who show up to help you. Accept the help…it’s all part of it.

    Just two weeks ago my life was dragging. I’d been unemployed for 18 months and unable to even get an interview. I felt incompetent, worthless, and depressed. I revisited “The Secret” that Tiffany mentioned, put some thought into what I wanted, then more or less relaxed to let the Universe do its thing. Suddenly I was flung into a new life…a dream job on a tropical island paradise. I’m still awestruck. I realized I hadn’t been specific enough when I told the Universe I wanted to live in the southeast, but that’s okay. I got something better! I was sent southeast, all right, but way beyond the border of the States.

    Tell the Universe what you want. Believe you will get it. Be grateful for it. Be open to what comes. And be ready to take action when it does. With a little practice you can accomplish anything!

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