Ready, Set, Go: Change Your Life

I’ve been thinking. Thinking about ways to improve my health and well-being.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a wealth of information (too bad it’s not money). You could say that I’m an information “junkie”. In fact, I think I have too much information. Maybe information overload is the reason for my feeling like I go round and round in circles when trying to make changes in my health and well-being. I seem to constantly chase the “shiny new object” that appears. Or I find some new expert to follow for a while. I think I need to learn to trust and listen to my own guidance system.

This weekend, I’ve decided to begin to make slow methodical changes in my diet. I’ve compiled some information about foods and supplements that help alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I expect that new information will come to light as I go along so that I can tweak meal and snack preparation to gain optimal results. My goal is to have a whole food diet that is nutrient and mineral dense and that is recommended for the condition of RA.

In addition to diet, there are other areas that I’ll zero in on as I go on this journey. Areas such as; self-care, meditation, finances, fitness, career etc.

The plan for this week, starting Saturday, is to incorporate a daily serving of the following; 2 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp. ground black sesame seeds, carrots, kale, broccoli, chopped walnuts, acerola fruit. Then each week thereafter, all I need to do is change the vegetables, nuts and fruit to make sure I’m not getting into a food rut. I promised myself that I need to have these foods daily, no exception.

Also, since my blogging friend Kathy mentioned the benefits of deep breathing meditation, I’ve decided to try it out. I thought it would be good for me to start with five minutes every morning and work up from there.

The idea I’ve mentioned is contrary to my usual way of doing things. Usually, when I decide to make a change, I dive right in head first and do it ALL at once. The trouble is, it never lasts. I’m good for a week or two then I’m back into old habits before I realize it. Then another six months passes before I try something new again, only to have that go nowhere also.

This time, it will be different and I will use the blog to keep myself accountable by posting ALL about the experience. Would anyone like to join me?

The Road Ahead


6 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go: Change Your Life

  1. Marianne, my meditation friend and teacher says our breath is like our interior fire. The deeper we breathe, the more we stoke our fire and connect to our internal deep energy.

    Don’t think you are alone in this journey of trying to make changes, to choose health over the fragemented ego. I feel like there are ways that I have succeeded mightily over the years, but other ways that are–still–closed. I am hoping the fire of breath will, one of these days, ignite those closed pathways and create new energy.

    I salute your journey! I love those of us who are trying to find a path which resonates with our deepest soul. Blessings.

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