The Gift of Gratitude

“One hundred days to go to the end of the year,” someone reminded me. Unbelievable! I wonder what it would be like with no time. No counting the days. No counting the hours. No counting minutes. What would it be like with no clocks or calendars? Would it be like just one ginormous moment? Hmmmmm.

But since we do account for time, I’ve decided to devote the next 100 days to posting a blog on the things I’m grateful for each day until I reach December 31st. You may ask, why?

Several years ago, someone introduced me to the concept of gratitude lists. The person stated that when we deliberately list all of the people, places and things we are truly grateful for it brings us into a higher energetic vibration. It makes us feel better. Being a person who likes to experiment, I gave it a try. Every night before I went to bed, I wrote a list.

It was hard at first. Gratitude was not a feeling that I was very familiar with. Oh I told people “thank you” when they helped me in some way and I really meant it too. But, the feeling was shallow. It lacked depth. Most of the time, not all, I was lost in feelings of dread, struggle, stress, and physical pain so to feel grateful was foreign. Still, I persisted and kept writing the lists every night.

Soon, my “thank you” began to take on a deeper richer feeling. I began to feel happier and lighter. I began to feel joy and I began to feel warmth in my heart. Alongside of this, I began to feel less critical of myself. I learned what it’s like to be truly appreciative from the bottom of my heart.

I remember one day I purchased a bottle of glacier water. The bottle label said it was from the glaciers of British Columbia. Heck, even the bottle was beautiful. I unscrewed the cap and took a long, long drink. The taste was out of this world. Clear. Clean. Refreshing. The best ever. The deepest feeling of thankfulness for the glacier that provided this water came over me. Whether the water really came from a British Columbia glacier wasn’t the point. The point was the feeling of gratitude I experienced.

Well, time went on and somehow I stopped doing my gratitude lists. Over the years I’d go back to writing them every now and then. The positive results returned and the cycle would start over. Then, I would find myself off track yet again.

Fast forward to this year and I see that the year began with a heap of gratitude. I rode the wave for a few months. Then, I became overwhelmed with physical (spiritual) issues as I mentioned in previous blogs and the gratitude wave beached itself for a while. It’s easy to forget about gratitude when one is in pain. On the other hand, that’s exactly the time when it’s needed most. Now, I’ve remembered! Now I must do something about it.

Tomorrow will be the first day of my 100 day gratitude pilgrimage. I’ve decided to start the morning with a devotion of roughly five minutes in which to feel gratitude, that is, after I do the five minute deep breathing exercise. Then, I’ll set the intention to find moments to feel grateful as I go about my day and write a blog about them at the end of the day. Have I inspired anyone to join in?


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