The Gift of Gratitude: Day 2

I am grateful for my friend Rose. We met for dinner tonight. We walked into the front hall of the restaurant, Rose went to the ladies room and I entered the restaurant. Most of the good seats were already taken, so I sat down at an open table located beside the entertainment. The table had bench seats and when Rose sat down her bench wobbled noticeably. Smiling a Rose smile she said, “I’m a little tipsy and I haven’t had a drink yet.” Chuckle, Chuckle. She was only kidding though. Rose doesn’t drink.


Rose is not wearing a hat.

The wobbly bench was too risky so we looked for another table. Rose pointed to a two-seater directly in front of the entertainment. We moved over to it and sat down. Feeling terrified, I asked Rose, “Do you feel like it’s too open….like we’re in the middle of the room or something?” Rose gave me a look that said, “I’m okay with it, but if you want we’ll move.” We decided to try the table behind us instead. It was off to the side more so. We moved over to it and sat down. We wondered if people would notice our table hopping. Still not completely settled with our choice of seats, I looked around. We were close to the entertainment which was good, but we couldn’t have a conversation while the two member band played. At least, I couldn’t talk over the band playing, Rose was fine. I noticed a table in the back of the room and pointed it out to Rose. She asked, “Do you want to move to that table?” We picked up our things, moved over to it and sat down. There were four menus already on the table and it looked like whoever was going to sit there changed their mind and moved elsewhere. Just as we settled into table number four, the couple at the bench seat table beside us left. Rose looked over to it and said, “We could move over there if you want.” Then we giggled.

Rose is my very good friend. Sometimes we laugh and laugh. Rose does funny things. I appreciate Rose for bringing laughter into my life. Rose has a saying that goes like this; “There is always a way for good things to happen.” I appreciate Rose for teaching me this saying. I’ve adopted it. Rose is the kindest most giving person I know. I’m grateful to know Rose.

The End. Goodnight. Sleep well. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Gratitude: Day 2

  1. Sounds like a fun table-hoppin’ evening. It’s great to have a friend who makes you laugh. I am going out to dinner with my friend tonight. And then a concert. Looking forward to it very much. Happy weekend!

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