The Gift of Gratitude: Day 4

Confession time. I got out of bed this morning without doing the breathing exercise and my gratitude meditation. It was 9:30 am, I woke up with a startle, looked at the time and jumped out of bed. Well, maybe I didn’t exactly jump. I was on the move though. Had to start my day. I was grateful that the pain and inflammation wasn’t at all like the night before.

More papers were recycled today. I was grateful for that. Gotta keep going though. More to do.

My son and his friend.

My son and his friend.

Had a visit with my son today. I was grateful for that. I LOVE my son. He is my very best teacher to whom I’m very grateful. He keeps me going and challenges me to never give up. He is happy and that makes me smile!

I think I’ll end my day with the deep breathing exercise and the gratitude meditation. Then, I’ll fall into a deep sleep and let the feeling of gratitude melt all my concerns away.

Good night. Sleep well. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Gratitude: Day 4

  1. You may have missed your planned morning routine, but you must have needed the extra sleep. I know you will get right back on track.

    I’m glad you have a son who encourages you. My son’s military convoy was fired on this weekend. 2 dead, but he’s okay. And I’m grateful for that!

    • Oh my gosh, Nancy! That is a blessing, but so awful for the other’s loved ones. I could not imagine what it would be like to have a son or daughter in the military. I just wish that all people would rise above to see the bigger picture so that we wouldn’t need the military.

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