The Gift of Gratitude: Day 7

I got my fix of energy and inspiration tonight. Yaay! I’ve just arrived home from a workshop given by Grant Rawcliffe (click on name to find out more). I mentioned Grant in a previous blog titled “Physical Pain and Out of Your Mind“.

Tonight’s workshop was a refresher and a chance to discuss our success stories and challenges. I so appreciate Grant for his gift of clarity. He has the amazing ability of asking questions to very quickly discern and shed light on the particular challenges a person faces. I see many people being helped during Grant’s workshops. Not only that, he teaches how to get this amazing ability for ourselves as well. Today I am grateful to Grant.

I went to the workshop with my friend Sam who brought along her friend Karen. I am grateful for spending time with Sam and meeting a new friend Karen.

It was a great day! Good night. Sleep well. Thank you.


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