The Gift of Gratitude: Day 8

Today I’m grateful for having Karen Larkin in my life. I met Karen several years ago while participating in a lifestyle coaching teleclass. We kept in touch for a short while after the program ended, but somehow life carried on and we lost touch. This past year, we found each other on Facebook. Hurray Facebook!

Karen needed a few volunteer clients for the practicum section of the ICF coach certification program. Thankfully Karen picked me. I’m a little sad today because it was the last day of a series of weekly telephone sessions that began a few months ago. Karen’s encouragement helped me to keep moving forward on my goals. I will miss the questions she asks that help to develop self-awareness. I will miss Karen’s cheery voice and her hearty laugh when I said something stupid.

Thank you Karen for your gentle caring nature that warmed every session I had with you. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in your practicum section. You make a great coach!

If you’d like to give coaching a try I’d highly recommend visiting Karen’s website and book a complimentary session.

Thank you for the beautiful day. Good night. Sleep well.


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