The Gift of Gratitude: Day 9

I re-read my blog from day 8 and I want to clarify something. I wrote, “I will miss Karen’s…… hearty laugh when I said something stupid.” Karen always laughed with me, never at me. Her laugh is hearty while I tend to giggle or maybe snicker is a better word to use (hehe). Karen would often say to me, “I love that little laugh of yours.” I could be myself and say some over the top things and we’d both laugh. When I wrote last night’s blog I thought it would be good to have a picture to post of Karen, so I emailed her today and she sent me one. Thanks Karen!

Karen Larkin

I feel very blessed because along with Karen I have some other amazing people in my life. Loral, my Naturopathic doctor is another amazing person. I love Loral. I had a session with her this morning. I’ve been bubbling over with the feeling of gratitude ever since. Loral is a healer. She doesn’t load me down with supplements though. Only the absolute necessities are prescribed. Loral has developed her healing abilities over several years and if I didn’t experience her abilities myself I wouldn’t believe it. Today unfolded another profound experience. I’ll save the details for another blog, so if anyone wants to hear about these experiences just let me know by posting a comment or send a Facebook message. Loral is teaching me to use the strategies to help myself between appointments. I’m so very grateful to have Loral in my life.

A farm on the way to see Loral.

Today was a magical day! Today I know I will dance again! “I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night lah lah, lah lah, lah lah.” etc. etc.


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