The Gift of Gratitude: Day 14

Today had its challenges. It all started when I picked up my mail at the post office and opened my cell phone bill. That occurred roughly about 12:15 pm, prior to that everything was all good. My bill was more than double what it usually is. Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Mobility office to see about changing my plan to save some money. Now it’s more than double. I don’t think this will do. How these cell phone companies can rip consumers off like they do is really, really maddening. I know this is my gratitude journal, but I am so ticked off with the control that large corporations and their monopolies have over the consumer that I have to speak about it. The average small business owner or freelance entrepreneur would not get away with the stunts that these large corporations pull.

Now, I will have to get all my phone bills together and visit the office again to see about rectifying this situation. And then, I’m going to shop around to see if there is a better deal elsewhere despite the fact I supposedly have a contract. I’ll have to work further with this situation to see where the appreciation will come into play.

It's the climb.

It's the climb.

If I put aside this cell phone thing, I did have some grateful moments today. Someone emailed me to say that they received some positive feedback about the newsletter I helped with. That is something to appreciate. A friend called me to say that a suggestion I offered helped. That is something else to appreciate.

I appreciated that my brother who is very busy with work (Battle of the Blades) called tonight to chat. He told me the story about how they got their first two cats and it was hilarious. I appreciate my brother for his sense of humour. I’ll have to write about it for a future blog post. My brother is a real trooper. He fell at work several days ago, fractured his elbow and damaged his shoulder, then he kept working because the show had to get done. He spent the night in the hospital and only took the next day off work because he couldn’t stay awake due to the pain killers he had to take. Thankfully, he is feeling better now and the pain isn’t quite as severe. I LOVE him and I’m grateful that he is my brother.

Thank you for reading my blog. I’m off to bed. Good night.


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