The Gift of Gratitude: Day 15

Don't quit!

“Many impossible things have been accomplished by those who refuse to quit.” I am grateful for the words on a Hallmark card that is perched on my desk beside my computer. The inside of the card reads, “Don’t ever give up.” The card is a reminder that is needed sometimes. Do you need a reminder sometimes?

The sky today

A few wispy clouds today.

I appreciated the sunshine and the warmth today and I look forward to the warm temperatures to come.

I appreciate the stars. I’m grateful I live in an area where I can see the stars at night. Sometimes I can’t tell which are the stars and which are the satellites. I love looking at the pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. Breathtaking! Awe inspiring! Click on the link and see for yourself. Just imagine how minute we are on planet earth compared to the universe and beyond. Less than a little speck of dust. Looking at it this way helps to put things into perspective for me.

I think it’s time I took my perspective and went to bed. It’s after midnight! Thanks for reading my blog. Good night.


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