The Gift of Gratitude: Day 22

pretend sea creatures

I had an unexpected caller today. I answered the phone and a woman’s voice said, “Is this Marianne?” It was a friend who I haven’t talked to in ages. We had a lovely chat. I’m so grateful that she called today. We plan to get together for tea next week and I’m so looking forward to it. Isn’t it wonderful how the small things can make the biggest difference?

I am grateful that I’ve had a couple of really productive work days this week and I have more to come too.

I am grateful that my friend who just gave birth to their baby boy is now going home tomorrow. Complications with the pregnancy caused a flurry of activity for them during the last couple of weeks. Things had to be hurried along. Although medical concerns are still present, it sounds like the real dangers are over. I’ll keep praying.

Something that I’ve thought a lot about during the last while is how to make the very best of every moment. The gratitude journal is helping somewhat with my attempt to make each moment count and I’ll look for other ways as time goes on.

The End. Good night. Zzzzzz


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