The Gift of Gratitude: Day 24

Simple Grace Ministries

I am so grateful that my friend Rose (see Day 2) invited me to attend a musical performance this evening. The performers were five young people, two girls and three boys, ranging in age from twelve to twenty-five with their mom and dad. The dad explained that the other three children were away at college and in other cities involved in various activities. In the past, all eight kids performed along with the mom and dad. The family travels by bus to give performances all over the United States and Canada.

Their website is Simple Grace Ministries.

They were absolutely amazing. I love all kinds of music and this family played some blue grass, gospel, ballads, and soft and easy. The very talented young people each played numerous instruments. There was guitar, banjo, mandolin, keyboard, fiddle, bass, percussions, violin and what’s the name of that big guitar that sits on the floor and has a real low tone, I think it’s the cello. Oh and their voices….absolutely amazing. Very gifted. One of the boys just landed a big contract and this is his last tour with the family before he goes on to make his debut. They’re playing at another venue tomorrow night and I just may go and listen again. I appreciate Rose for the wonderful invitation.

Beautiful back road drive.

Today was a wonderful day! I was so grateful for the beautiful sunshine. I spent five and a half hours driving today. I took the back roads and avoided the highways for the most part. The drive was enjoyable because it was such a lovely day and I got to be with my son (see Day 4) even though he read a physics research paper all the way. Sometimes it’s just nice to be in the company of a loved one.

So…that’s my day in a nutshell. Thank you for reading my blog. Good night.


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