The Gift of Gratitude: Gratitude Challenge Day 42

Hello dear Readers, I’m writing tonight to tell you that I think I’ve finally flipped out. Yes. It’s true. I’ve crossed the line. The line that separates; sensible and magical, proof and miracle, mundane and ecstasy. I am no longer the person I once was. Now, I am a person filled with wonder, awe and inexpressible joy. That in itself is a magical miracle.

I met my good friend, Ronda, today. We had tea together at a quaint little cafe in town. I told Ronda the story about the thrilling journey I’ve travelled this year. I have crossed paths with almost two handfuls of wonderfully beautiful people who have inspired, encouraged, empowered, supported, and uplifted me. As we chatted, Ronda told me that I looked radiant. It was like I had this big glow around me. I’ll tell you the story I told Ronda.

My good friend, Ronda.

It happened last week at the six-week workshop called, “Into Your Life” with facilitator, Grant Rawcliffe. The question asked was what do you want in life? I answered by rambling off things like; I want this disease to disappear, I want a career I’m passionate about, I want to earn more money, I want my own place to live, I want a new car…and then I was running out of things to say and I began to feel vulnerable and I started to cry. The question asked was what do you really want? I want to dance and work out again like I use to. I want to dream. I want to become a really good dreamer. The question asked was what would you dream about? I don’t know. I never learned how to dream. I didn’t dare to dream because dreams are silly. If I tell you, you’ll think I’m weird. I would dream about miracles. I would dream about magical things happening. Tears flowed. I felt relief. The cat was out of the bag. You may certainly dream all you want. You can absolutely let your imagination run wild with all the magic and miracles you want to create. What a novel thought.

On the drive home from the workshop, I felt happy. I told my friend that the homework I gave to myself is to practice dreaming about miracles and magical things happening. That night I lay in bed. My mind thought. I have permission to dream about magic and miracles. In an instant, I felt an incredible upsurge of dancing energy inside my body. From head to toe, my body tingled. Indescribable feelings. Wonder. Awe. Joy. Anticipation. I felt elevated and vibrant. Wow! What a great high. I reveled in the joy for I don’t know how long, then fell asleep.

The next day, the same experienced happened. Every time my mind thought, magic and miracles, I’d get an incredible uplift and ecstatic feeling. And I thought the gratitude high was great, now, with this newfound desire, I am flying. I smiled a lot during my tea time with Ronda while we chatted about our adventures. Thank you Ronda for being a wonderfully beautiful friend. And thank you for making me laugh with your incredibly funny sense of humor. Your comment about, “words of lack of wisdom” was hilarious. That is a line that I’ll definitely want to remember.

So, that’s the story about my flip out from a life I really was not happy in to a life that feels like the real me. Creating magic and miracles. Who knew?

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.


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