Il Divo – Unchained Melody

I am grateful to listen to the beautiful music of Il Divo. It sends chills up my spine (in a good way) and brings tears to my eyes. Have a listen and tell me what you think.


6 thoughts on “Il Divo – Unchained Melody

    • You’re welcome. I found out from Wikipedia that the name means “divine male performer” in Italian and the group was created by Simon Cowell. I like the divine male performer part. I’ve listened to it numerous times today. LOL!

  1. I knew that Simon Cowell had something to do with them (not sure how I knew… just picked it up somewhere), but didn’t know what the name meant. I refrained from commenting about this the first time but… they aredivine to look at too. 🙂

  2. Well Marianne…I have spent the last hour or so reading every day of your gratitude blogs. I am in a very low space right now and really cannot see a way out of many of my life’s issues. I am no foreigner to difficulties but they appear to have piled up to greater heights lately….or maybe I am simply tired of dealing with “stuff”. So…I am going to turn my attention to “the practice of gratitude”. I will take your challenge…100 days of a changed focus. You are an inspiration!! Jan

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