The Gift of Gratitude: Day 74 – Beautiful Music

There are few things that can touch the soul quite like the experience of beautiful music. I love beautiful music. Did you know that music has healing benefits? Music can reduce stress and anxiety.

On an earlier blog post I embedded a YouTube link to four (divine) male performers called “Il Divo” singing “Unchained Melody“. Incredible voices. Since then, I’ve listened to more of their music. “Hallelujah” is another piece I absolutely love. I posted the video below.

Of course, the original artist and writer is Leonard Cohen. I love Leonard Cohen. Here is the man himself performing “Hallelujah”.

Last weekend, a friend took me to a Christmas concert presentation that hosted many very talented local musicians. They performed twenty-four musical numbers. It was truly amazing. I wished it was recorded. I know I would have definitely purchased a CD along with several hundred other people who stood up cheering, clapping and whistling at the end of the performance. A couple of my favourite pieces were “Pie Jesu” and “Time to Say Goodbye”.

At the concert, I absolutely cried when two local performers did this musical number. It was very moving to experience in person. Here is Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli performing “Time to Say Goodbye”.

The video below is “Celtic Woman” performing “Pie Jesu”.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself going for days without a beautiful music interlude. Now that I’ve brought awareness to this fact, I’ve decided to incorporate time for wonderful healing music into my day.

I hope you enjoyed this musical interlude. Be well.


6 thoughts on “The Gift of Gratitude: Day 74 – Beautiful Music

  1. Gosh, Marianne–my internet connection is too slow right now to stream the video–which is often the case here in Haiti. I will try again later. Thanks, though, for reminding me to get the Christmas music out–Handel’s Messiah is my favorite!

  2. I love Leonard Cohen too. Especially that song. I’ve heard some other good versions of it recently (but can’t recall the artists at the moment).

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful music. Now that you mention it, I don’t incorporate enough music into my day either.

  3. Marianne, this is some beautiful music indeed. I am listening to Pie Jesu now. Have been listening to a classical Christmas station on during the past few weeks. It’s so wonderful to listen to music like this all year–but somehow even more special at Christmastime. Thank you!

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