Ode to Miley

MileyCyrus,Miley Cyrus,Miley Cyrus Icons

Another year has come and gone.
I need a toke of Miley’s bong.

She makes it look like so much fun.
Now sales have skyrocketed for everyone.

Sweet Miley, I’m sure this is not what you expected.
To become a convincing advocate for the psychedelic herb so accepted.

But you have to know, girlfriend, who you can call a friend.
Choose someone with a heart who will stick by you to the end.

You are so young and full of Life.
And you are learning how choices can cause you strife.

As you can see your powerful effect is global.
Now it’s up to you to stand tall for something nobel.

Copyright, Marianne Irvine and Grandeurvision, All rights reserved, 2010.
Miley Cyrus photo from Photobucket teenagedreammx’s album.


8 thoughts on “Ode to Miley

    • Dr. Erica, I have created what I set out to do at the beginning of the year. I wanted this year to be one of expansion for me, to try new things (blogging,writing), meet new people, find helpful mentors to help me heal, uncover blocks, deepen the experience of life and improve the quality of my life. Mission accomplished.

      Next year, I want to discover the love of Self, deepen feelings of gratitude, joy, peace, kindness and compassion. These are the qualities that make me feel that life is worth living.

      Thank you for your continued support of reading and commenting on my blog.

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