Good-Bye Post A Day

Yes, it’s true. It’s time to say good-bye to you Mr. Post-A-Day challenge. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. It’s me. I’m the one to blame. I thought you would be good for me. And you were. In the five days I’ve known you, I met some really nice blogs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Until we meet again...

Trouble is, I so enjoyed meeting and visiting new blogs that I’ve run out of time for other commitments. It is so easy to be a social butterfly in the blogosphere. It is fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills nor does it take care of my health.

I regret that I have to go for now. Maybe, when I accomplish my prior commitments and health issues , I can come back to play, after all there are 360 days left. Thank you Mr. Post-A-Day you have been so very kind.


4 thoughts on “Good-Bye Post A Day

    • I’ll be taking about a week offline for now, but will check in on everyone’s blog posts next week sometime.
      So…you will still see a comment or two from me.

      Take care.

  1. Good for you Marianne! Not that I don’t enjoy reading your posts, but you need to have time in your life for more that just the virtual stuff. Enjoy your “you” time.

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