A Demonstration of Unconditional Love

Madurai image from Wikimedia.

How many people would turn down a highly paid position in a five-star hotel to feed and care for the homeless?

Narayanan Krishnan is an Indian chef who did exactly that. He prepares three fresh hot meals daily to feed four hundred helpless, mentally ill, old, sick, destitute human beings in his hometown of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

In addition, Narayanan gives tender loving care to his people while he bathes and shaves them. A 24,500 sq. ft. facility is under construction to provide a safe, peaceful place. Narayanan is an example of love in action.

Please watch this short segment on CNN Heroes where you will see Narayanan’s demonstration of unconditional love. The man is a leader extraordinaire.

How many of us would follow Narayanan’s example? I, for one, have a lot to learn about unconditional love. Please share this post and spread the Love.


8 thoughts on “A Demonstration of Unconditional Love

    • You are welcome, Robin. Isn’t the man amazing? He saw something that wasn’t right and took personal responsibility to fix it. I can’t help to wonder what kind of world it would be if all people lived like this man.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Robin.

  1. YES! I saw this video…and shared it on Facebook. How wonderful that you blogged about him. It was so inspirational. Imagine people who live a life as big as that!

  2. This is excellent! I love seeing good hearts around the world. Your intro sentence doesn’t make logical sense, you contradict yourself lacking punctuation. Just fyi, but have you read Shakespeare’s sonnet on Unconditional Love? It’s a great reference on the subject.


    • I agree, good hearts are lovely. Thank you for the information. How would you re-write it? I really do need an editor, however can’t afford one right now. I appreciate the input. I’ll definitely check out the Shakespeare sonnet you mentioned.

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