An Unlikely Match – Love Story

What in the world could an elephant have in common with a dog?

The story of Tara and Bella as seen on this CBSNews Assignment America segment, inspires many questions about the nature of life.

Tara is an elephant that lives in the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Bella is a stray dog that happened to find a home along with other stray dogs at the sanctuary.

Usually elephants seek out other elephants for companionship, but Tara and Bella are different. Tara and Bella are best buds. They eat, sleep and play together.

One day, Bella suffered a spinal cord injury. Sanctuary personnel brought her to the sanctuary office where she stayed for three weeks. Tara held vigil outside the office for three weeks.

Please watch this demonstration of true love between an unlikely pair and hear the full story.

Do animals know a truth that we don’t seem to get?


4 thoughts on “An Unlikely Match – Love Story

    • Robin, it did that to me too when I saw it for the first time. It sure is amazing. It really makes me wonder about the unseen forces at play. Thanks for reading and commenting, Robin.

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