Thoughts about the Japan Crisis

This morning, I turned my computer on to find my inbox full of news from the crisis in Japan. Most of the news talked about the world-wide effect of the situation, warning people to protect themselves from contamination.

Initially, I panicked. I must warn my loved ones and friends, I thought.

As the day unfolds and I read news articles and watch videos from BBC, CBC, MSNBC, CNN etc. etc. it became obvious that there is no protection from something like this.

Story after story relates devastation beyond belief with no immediate relief in sight. Hundreds of thousands of people suffering unimaginable conditions. Thousands upon thousands of people putting their lives at risk and working to help in every aspect of recovery. One BBC article reads, “Japan crisis ‘worst since WWII’

My heart weeps for everyone affected by this awful, awful tragedy. I am sure that my sentiments are felt by millions upon millions who watch, as the crisis unfolds.

No. There is no protection from something like this because each one of us is affected no matter where we live in the world.

Every single human body on this planet collectively contributes to the living organism called “humanity” just like every single cell in the human body collectively contributes to the organism called “person”.

What affects one cell or group of cells in the body, affects the whole body. And so it goes with humanity. Whether we want to recognize it or not, what affects one human or group of humans affects us all.

So let us help one another, have compassion for one another, respect one another and pray for Japan.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts about the Japan Crisis

  1. Good post. Our friends in Japan need some good prayers right now. By the way- Did you notice that there is no looting going on in Japan?

    • You know I did think about that fact. On the other hand, seeing the devastation, it looks like there is not much left to loot. It appeared to me that the people are so very devastated. The news reported most are in shock. It is an overwhelmingly sad situation.

      I may be crazy to say this, but I can’t help wonder if there is any truth to what I’m hearing about man-made natural disasters. It’s a thought.

  2. Well written, Marianne.

    This kind of devastation is so hard to wrap my mind around. I want to cry every time I see more footage so I’ve stopped watching the news more than a few minutes in the morning.

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