I’m in Heaven

It’s no secret to some that due to the severe health and financial challenges I’ve experienced for several months I was feeling a little beaten down at times. It seems I went from a state of poor health and finances to a state of seriously poor health and finances. It got me thinking, if this gets any worse I could end up dead and/or living on the street. Of course, I do think the worst sometimes. Those who grew up with me might say most times.

So why am I in Heaven?

I am so blessed with incredible people in my life. The blessings I receive from these people make me feel like I’m in Heaven. I’m truly surrounded by Angels. Heaven is on Earth.

Walking on sunshine.

Today I received more blessings. Two weekends from now there is a conference that I want to attend but I don’t have the funds for. I asked if I could volunteer and the answer came back “Yes”. So, now I’m going to the conference. Wooohooo! “I’m walkin’ on sunshine! Whoa ooh!”

Also today, I contacted a person I know in the community to let them know I’m looking for casual part-time office work and wondered if he would pass my name along should he hear of something. The person replied that he would definitely keep me in mind. This means a lot. Wooohooo! “I’m walkin’ on sunshine! Whoa ooh!”

There are many, many blessings that I haven’t written about or told anyone and I don’t know where I’d be without them. My prayer is that I will be as much of a blessing to others as my Angels have been to me. You know who you are and the blessings you have bestowed. Please do not hesitate to ask for my help as I would gladly and lovingly give it.

Sometimes physical and financial survival takes center stage and opportunities to bless others are missed. I pray that I’m open and notice opportunities to bless others.

Now for the two-part plan (click here to read).

Accomplished half of mindful homework so far today. The instructor gave us a link to a website where you can get free guided mindful meditation downloads. (Click here if you’re interested).

As far as the diet goes, I finished off the chocolate cupcake I brought home last night from our tenants association dinner in the lounge. It was probably made with eggs and dairy. And of course, the McDougall diet recommends going off chocolate. Well, I couldn’t just throw it away, could you?

That’s all for now. As always, thanks for reading and blessings to all. “I’m walkin’ on sunshine! Whoa ooh! And don’t it feel good.”


9 thoughts on “I’m in Heaven

  1. No way I could throw away a perfectly fine chocolate cupcake! You go, girl!

    Also, I’ve been in your shoes financially, so I know how much these blessings can mean. I’m so happy for you, Marianne!


    • Thanks, Kathy. It is amazing how well we humans can relate to one another when we’ve walked the same path. Even that feels like a blessing, Kathy. Hope you have a happy day my friend.

  2. Hi Marianne,

    It is so great to read you are walking on sunshine! WOW! Bask in that feeling and ask for more! You are amazing! You keep searching for ways to help yourself and at the same time are reaching out to others. It was so good to see you at Playtime on Wednesday.
    Lately, I have found myself in uncomfortable financial circumstances. And the odd thing was as a result of talking to a few people about it (just being honest that I’m struggling) I may have opened some doors to earn some money. Had I silently worried about my finances, I would not have found these opportunities on my own.
    Keep reaching out, sharing and asking for what you want!


    • Thanks, Melinda. This is great advice. Thank you for being a part of my life. Hope you have a wonderful day walkin’ on sunshine (even though it’s raining). Thanks for reading and commenting.

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