Uplifted Spirits!

Today I read the article by Reverend Misa Hopkins titled, “How to Stay Positive When Your Chronic Pain Seems to Keep Getting Worse.” (click on the title to read the article)

Misa’s article points to helpful suggestions that will uplift spirits when faced with loss of hope and depression so easily caused by relentless chronic illness and pain. The article states that engaging in creative activities along with helping others takes our mind off the condition and helps give our life meaning. This, Misa states, makes us feel better.

I know from my own experience that Misa’s advice is right on. I feel so much better this week. My spirit is uplifted. My physical condition is the same (ie: pain, inflammation, stomach upset) but, I feel wonderful.

What do I attribute this wonderful feeling to?

These 7 things.

  1. The incredible people in my life (click here to read about).
  2. The 8 week “Managing Pain Mindfully” program I’m participating in.
  3. The monthly meeting of “Playtime” facilitated by Grant Rawcliffe of The Third Conversation, where we create the life we want to experience.
  4. The newly starting “Vibrant Women” group.
  5. Planning the transition to Dr. McDougall’s plant-based diet.
  6. Mindfulness program homework and loving-kindness meditation.
  7. Interacting with blog-mates and friends while on this journey.

This is so cool. All this stuff helps to give my life meaning. Misa says that by being creative and doing things you love to do you send the message to your body and emotions that life is good and worth living. If you know someone who struggles with a chronic condition please feel free to pass this information along.

Moving forward on the new diet plan, I penned in the next 12 days (minus next weekend for the conference) of breakfast meals on the McDougall Weekly Menu Planner. It’s really a handy tool, I think.

Mindfulness practice went well today.

So that’s it for today.  Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  And by the way, is anyone doing any “occupying”?  I just heard about it. Sounds like they have a valid point to me. I just hope it stays peaceful. Although, I read it wasn’t peaceful in Rome. These are exciting times.


6 thoughts on “Uplifted Spirits!

  1. I’m so sorry you have to manage such significant pain. I’ve learned to live with bipolar disorder–an illness that crippled me for years, but I’ve not had any significant physical illness. Sounds like you are doing beautifully–and, yes, creativity and helping others make all the difference. Hang in there, my friend. Peace to you—
    P.S. No “occupying” for me so far–but it sounds interesting, for sure.

  2. So true — when I feel stifled from being creative and doing what I like for too long, I get depressed and everything seems worse. Thanks for the reminder to take care of myself. You’re such an inspiration to me.

  3. The managing pain mindfully group sounds very positive and supportive. I have been focusing on the joy that exists in us at all times, the “song of our heart and spirit” as someone once put it. Are you still doing the Presence Process or not any more?

    • Kathy, that sounds wonderful…the joy that exists in us at all times….great going. With everything else going on the Presence Process went on the back burner, however not for long because it fits with the managing pain group. Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂

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