Okay so—  in a previous post I made a declaration to post a daily update to help keep myself accountable to my new two-part plan. Last night I was too tired to post an update. I went to bed instead.

I have some tweaking to do. I won’t say I’ve reneged exactly. I have to make some modifications, that’s all. With all the new things I’ve become involved in, it’s difficult to keep up with posting on a daily basis. I decided it would be better for me to not lock myself into doing a post daily, so it will be random.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m easing into a new diet to see what the effect, if any, on the symptoms of rheumatoid disease. Dr. McDougall recommends eliminating wheat, corn, soy, dairy, eggs and meat.

So far, I’ve eliminated eggs and corn. I’ll work on the rest as I go. Eliminating eggs is a challenge because I love scrambled eggs, omelets, toasted western sandwiches, bacon and egg sandwiches, egg mcmuffins, Quiche and cakes. Often, I consumed eggs daily.

I read food labels now. I don’t want to unknowingly ingest something I’m trying to eliminate.

Wheat is the most problematic. I still have some things, like wheat crackers, in the house that I don’t want to just throw away. They may keep for a while.

You would be proud of me. Last night at the season opener for darts, I turned down reaching for a cookie from the pile of yummies sitting in from of me in a tin. After we played two games, we all sat down for coffee and treats. I came prepared with my own wheat-free cookies. My mind tried to talk me into having “just one” cookie from the tin, but I opened my baggy and took out my wheat-free cookie instead. Whew! That was close.

I mentioned that I’m making the transition one meal at a time and breakfast seemed like the easiest meal to start with. The breakfast menu includes things like, oatmeal with applesauce, raisins, dates and cinnamon, Creamy buckwheat and blueberries, hash browns with garlic, onions and celery, potato on kamut toast, kamut toast with nut butters like pumpkin, sunflower and cashew. I have yet to make a breakfast tortilla with brown rice, spinach or kale on wheat and corn free tortillas, but they do sound yummy.

In addition to the Vibrant Women’s and Managing Pain Mindfully group, I think another reason I’m feeling so energized and uplifted is due to the loving-kindness meditation. You wouldn’t believe how just 10 minutes of focused guided meditation can elevate your thought and feelings. I feel happier and healthier afterwards.

Some of you may remember the 100 day gratitude challenge I gave myself during the last 100 days of 2010. I felt amazing during this time and well into 2011. I definitely see and understand the effects of raising ones positive feelings. Lester Levenson raised his positive feelings to such a height that he reached a state called “enlightenment” or “Christ Consciousness” by some. (click on Lester’s name to read his amazing story on my other blog)

That’s my update for now. Hope all is well with everyone. Thank you for reading and accompanying me on my journey to a grander version of myself. Until next time, take care of yourself.


8 thoughts on “Tweaking

  1. I think you’re right to let yourself be flexible in your posting schedule. You’re working on other, more important things that require being strict with yourself. You need a flexible place in life where you can relax!

    Sounds like you’re doing great with the diet. Being prepared is the key. I always find breakfast to be the hardest to change. I love cereal, and I rarely have time to actually cook. Soon I will be living in a place with small appliances, but no stove, so diet will become more challenging. Keep up the great work!

    • Nancy, that’s a great point. I never thought of that. Thank you!

      Yes, being prepared is key. I’m a person that needs to prepare to be prepared. Hey, maybe I should write a blog post about that. One time when I lived in a place where the stove was falling apart and didn’t work well I purchased electric burners and just set them on my counter, plugged them in and cooked my food. I have to admit though, it’s not like cooking on a stove top.

      Thanks for the support Nancy, it helps greatly. Hope to read about your adventures on your blog. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on not dipping into the cookie jar. That would be extrememly hard for me. You were wise to bring wheat-free treats from home.

    I certainly remember your 100 days of gratitude challenge–a great series, as I recall.

    Good luck with further dietary tweeks, my friend!


    • Being prepared with my own cookies certainly helped and it was extremely hard for me too. I appreciate your support, Kathy. I absolutely have to give this diet a 100% try.

      Have a great day, Kathy.

  3. I’m proud of you for doing what feels right and not holding yourself to expectations that are not helpful. I will try to learn from your example. You are doing an amazing job at helping yourself and doing it your way, what works for you. Give yourself a big hug when you are able to resist food you are trying to avoid and when you don’t have compassion for yourself.

    This week I have been playing around with the idea to start a gratitude journal. I don’t enjoy writing but would somehow like to express my feelings of gratitude in some form. I wonder if I can start by writing only when I feel inspired and have the time and let it evolve without having specific expectations.

    Have a great day!

    • Thank you for your very kind words, Melinda. I greatly appreciate your support and friendship.

      A gratitude journal is a great idea. As you said, just let it evolve. You can tweak as you go as well.

      Hope you have a great day as well. I’m off to see the cardio doc today then to a lecture on healing this evening.

  4. It sounds like you’re doing really well, Marianne! 🙂 I’m so thrilled to hear you are in such great spirits with your new journey, and that you were able to resist temptation.

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