Learning about Love: Day 5

Hello my lovely humans! We are blessed to experience another wondrous day in this physical incarnation. How will you affect those around you today? Will you radiate appreciation, love, compassion, patience and caring? Or will impatience, frustration, irritation, fear or possibly anger rule?

I live on both sides of the fence. Although I have been spending more and more time on one side of the fence. As I come to understand what my life’s about, more and more I let go of impatience, frustration, irritation, fear and anger.

The more I let go of unhelpful emotions the more I notice the unsettling feeling they bring when an event triggers one of them.

Just the other day, I got annoyed when it became apparent that some blog technology wasn’t working out smoothly. I happened to be working alongside a friend and I noticed that she felt the vibes of frustration radiating from me.

I have to admit, it didn’t make me feel very good. When I realized what was happening, I let the negative feelings go. After all, how important is it.

Researchers find that when we feel positive emotions like; appreciation, love, compassion and caring, the heart (which produces the largest rhythmic magnetic field of the body) radiates the positive vibes encoded in its magnetic field.

I imagine the opposite is true for negative emotions. I wonder what that could do to the physical health of the heart. I think I read about the effects many years ago in a book titled, “Anger Kills” written by a cardiologist.

Enough of my babbling. Here is a video by HeartMath that discusses the research of the heart’s magnetic field.

I love that Dr. McCraty says, “What we do individually does count. It matters.”

Suggestion for contemplation:  What’s encoded in your heart’s magnetic field? How do you cope with unhelpful emotions?

If you are new to this blog and wonder what this is all about, I’ve given myself a 100 day “Learning about Love” challenge. So — for the next 100 days, it’s all about love. My good friend calls it a “love makeover” (hehehe).

Thank you to all who accompany me on this journey. I really appreciate the support and wonderful comments.  🙂

I created a Facebook page for The Meaning for my Life to build a community where like-minded individuals can share the meaning for their life as well as items of inspiration to help keep us focused on Love, Life and Presence. Just give us a ‘Like’ and your in (hehe). The Like button is in the right sidebar under ‘My Story’ pages.


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    • That’s weird. It’s supposed to be in the right sidebar under ‘My Story’. It’s acting strangely though because it’s showing a duplicate face photo for each person that has ‘liked’ it so far. Maybe I’ll have to revisit the set up. Thanks for letting me know Kathy. This will not steal my joy either. 🙂

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