Learning about Love: Day 76 – A Call to Help

A rose for a rose.

Have you ever heard a story that made you feel that you just had to do something to help?

Today, I went to visit a yoga teacher. Her name is Kate Stevely. Kate’s been practicing yoga for forty-five years. I figured she knew her stuff.

I wanted to find out if Kate could help my body to move again. Since dealing with severe RA symptoms and inflammation in every joint, my body has ceased up.  Range of motion is quite limited in all joints and almost non-existent in some.

Kate said it’s important to keep the body moving, even if all you can manage is in the smallest degree. Motion helps to remove toxins.

Kate knows about chronic illness. Her niece, Barbara, experiences chronic illness and in 2009 Barbara had her colon removed.

Since then, she’s had numerous surgeries due to blockages and now she’s at the point where the doctor’s cannot do anymore surgery because of too much scar tissue.

Barbara is on a diet of pureed food to minimize stomach blockages.

Kate, Barbara’s aunt, found a facility in Florida that will assist in loosening the scar tissue in Barbara’s intestines and abdomen.

Barbara’s friend, Lisa is helping to raise funds so that Barbara can get the help she needs. All Lisa is asking for is $1 from each individual until they reach $10,000.

It would be awesome if we could help Lisa and Kate create a miracle for Barbara by contributing $1 to their fundraiser called “Project Paper Crane”.

If everyone you knew contributed $1, it won’t take long to reach the goal.

Here is a link to Lisa’s plea on Barbara’s blog (click here). And here is a link to the fundraiser page (click here).

I’ve only given a small summary here on my blog to help raise awareness for Barbara, please read both page links above to get all the details.

I sincerely appreciate the time you take to read the blog and visit the links I provide.

Love and blessings to all. 🙂

Photo credit: FreeDigitalphotosdotnet


6 thoughts on “Learning about Love: Day 76 – A Call to Help

  1. I read this in the middle of my sleepless night. Pondering how movement can help heal. Movement of all kinds… (And I am feeling the love resonating in this post…)

  2. I want to mention here something I’ve come across that may help…please forgive me if I’m telling you something you already know about for it was you who got me started on this search in the first place. Recently I learned of a doctor who wrote a book called “Wheat Belly”. He has done a lot of research that indicates that wheat in ANY form causes inflammation, including arthritis and bowel disturbances among many others.
    I have been in a lot of pain in all of my joints, so I was willing to try this. After just a week with no bagels, cereal, pizza, etc, my pain is almost entirely gone! I hope this helps!

    • Melissa, you are so right! I learned about wheat too late, but I’ve been eating gluten-free since shortly after I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. And I agree that almost anyone can benefit from eliminating wheat from their diet.

    • Hi Melissa, I went gluten-free for I think about 3 months, then, I began getting inflammation again so I abandoned the gluten-free diet. But, I’ve been mulling over eliminating bread entirely to see how it affects my symptoms. And, I heard that studies have been done with RA patients using the antioxidant Astaxanthin with a significant reduction in inflammation from an interview with Dr. Robert Corish. I may order some to try out. I’m very happy to hear your pain is almost entirely gone. And, thank you indeed for the information. I have another friend who had some of her colon removed as she has celiac and didn’t know it. Turns out her daughter was tested and she too has celiac. Thanks again for your comment. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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