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9 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Marianne,
    I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to encourage you and let you know I am on a similar journey. I have had RA for 26 years and am convinced that there is a way out without drugs. That having been said, I still take the drugs but I am experimenting with a vegan diet and other modalities. I am better!! So, sister I will enjoy reading your blog and promise to let you know when I find things that help. I consider myself a guinea pig for my daughters and sister who are fighting autoimmune as well. Fight hard! Connie

    • Thank you so much for stumbling onto my blog, Connie. And thank you for your great comment. It’s great that you are finding relief with non-pharmaceuticals as well. Please, keep me posted! Also, feel free to send an email if you wish to discuss in greater length at any time. Thanks, Marianne.

  2. I also have ra very nasty thing. I found a site called “road back foundation”, it has changed my life.Iam on antibiotic protocol. Check this site out its free, its run by people who have autoimmune problems, 1000s of people belong from all over the world, they let you know whats new. They are wonderful. Also
    just look up antibiotics for ra, this will knock your socks off. I hope your have a great week .

    • Thanks Gerry. I left a lengthy reply to your comment on the blog post. It’s great that you are on antibiotic protocol. Just make sure you’re also very diligent with probiotics as well. I made the mistake of slacking off on probiotics and got myself into a terrible mess. Thanks for your comment.

    • Thank you Daniela! I really appreciate that I am in your thoughts. I love what you wrote on your post. It’s very compelling. Please give us updates on how the book is coming along as I very much look forward to reading it. Love to you, Daniela. 🙂

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