Learning about Love: Day 43

Pink (blurry) flower.

I love having blog-neighbours! Each one of you elevates me with your beautiful inspiring comments. I feel much better today. Thank you all.

I think I see how I got off track over the last while.

First off, my focus shifted. Activities I really like to do and that energize me took a back seat to activities that drain me and that I don’t like all that much.  I moved away from the path that makes me the happiest.

Second, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I let negative thoughts about my life affect my feelings. Thoughts such as, “My life should be better than it is. I should have a successful career by now. Everyone zooms past me. I shouldn’t have to live below the poverty level. I should have better health by now. My life’s been the same forever. Will I ever “make it”?”

Waaah. Waaah. Waaah. Whew! It’s exhausting! The mind is so funny.

I think I hear Byron Katie utter, “Can you find a stress-free reason to keep those thoughts?”

“No, Katie,  I don’t think I can.”

In response to Linda Willows comment on yesterday’s post, I wrote, “When I look back over my entire life, I realize that on one level, not much has changed. Although I live my life in a more conscious way now, sometimes I feel that I’m just doing the same things only with more awareness. The actual state or external conditions of my life is exactly as they were all those years ago. Sometimes, I wonder about fate. Could it really be possible that we choose our life before birth. I wonder what others think about this.”

Fate? Destiny? Could this be the mind’s attempt to explain why I’m not where I think I should be.

Later, I went to visit Cathy at Treatment Talk. Her post, 25 Quotes From Cheryl Strayed, Author of “Wild”, got me thinking that maybe my external life hasn’t changed much because I haven’t challenged myself enough.  Maybe I need to do something way way outside my comfort zone. I don’t know. I think it’s worth pondering.

Cheryl Strayed, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, alone. Cathy’s daughter ventured to a wilderness camp and spent one of the night’s in the wilderness. All. By. Herself.  Wow!

What do you think? Does your life change much? Have you done anything that’s way outside your comfort zone? Any thoughts on fate? Destiny?


Learning about Love: Day 29

Listen to the sound of water. Can you hear it?

Hello blog neighbours and friends. I hope everyone has been well. What was supposed to be a break for a few days stretched itself into two weeks and I’m still not quite feeling like my earlier energized self.

I’ve been occupied with client bookkeeping work, helping a friend in her shop, work on a couple of volunteer projects, spiritual development coursework, medical appointments, illness, fatigue, meditation, reading and watching Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie talks and contemplating the meaning of Love.

I had hoped to focus more on taking care of myself, but the need for food and other daily living expenses prompted the necessity of paying gigs. Although, I did spend quite a few days in bed because the body hurt and energy was low.

At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with posting a daily blog for the Learning about Love series. We’ll have to see how it goes.

For those who have “Liked” the Facebook page and for those who have yet to “Like” the Facebook page, please feel free to post anything you have or find on the topic of Love, Life and Presence and please share the meaning for your life there as well if you feel called.  It would be lovely to know and fun to share inspiration.

I have a little prayer to share with you today. It came to me when I was in meditation one morning.

In this moment, I am, healed.
In this moment, I am, the perfect creation of Divine Love,
The one Intelligence unfolding Its blueprint of the Life forms It conceives.
In this moment, I am, perfect.
In this moment, I am, complete.
In this moment, I am, Love Itself manifested.

How can the Divine Blueprint not be perfect?

And here is a quote from an Eckhart Tolle talk;

“The essence in you is the core of all Life.”

Thus − in reality − we are all One with each other and all that is.

Wishing each of us a beautiful day together in One breath!