Non-believers won’t read this

and here’s why;

They don’t believe a problem exists.

If they agree a problem exists; they don’t believe the problem is worthy of attention.

They don’t have time for the so-called “do-gooders”.

This post is for the converted. The believers. It’s for the people who are weary of the status quo.

It’s for the change-agents who aspire to rise above status quo into loftier qualities of compassion, unselfish concern for others, responsibility and decisive action.

Amanda Todd ended her life on October 10, 2012. Amanda was fifteen years old. Amanda could no longer live with the pain of the past three-year’s of cruelty hurled upon her by a blackmailing cyber stalker and her peers.

Amanda Todd could be your daughter or grand-daughter. She could be your niece, cousin, sister, student or class-mate.

Bullying is such a common occurrence that many of us mistakenly believe is normal. Many of us are victims of bullying from our families, relationships, schools and workplaces. Bullying infects every aspect of society.

No one is immune. Some of us project the effects externally onto others; our kids, our spouses, our pets, our relatives, our workmates, the poor, the weak, the vulnerable.

Some of us quietly endure the effects inwardly day after day hoping that others won’t notice our wounded-ness.

Amanda Todd began advocating for victims of bullying in a video she posted in September called, “My Story:Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm.”

Carol Todd, Amanda’s mother said in an interview that she “has launched a trust fund in Amanda’s memory to raise money for anti-bullying awareness education and for support programs for youth with mental health issues.”

Let us continue the advocacy Amanda Todd began with her video because “we should not rest.”
Be a voice or help support a voice. If there is enough of us, eventually the non-believers will follow.
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