Learning about Love: Day 76 – A Call to Help

A rose for a rose.

Have you ever heard a story that made you feel that you just had to do something to help?

Today, I went to visit a yoga teacher. Her name is Kate Stevely. Kate’s been practicing yoga for forty-five years. I figured she knew her stuff.

I wanted to find out if Kate could help my body to move again. Since dealing with severe RA symptoms and inflammation in every joint, my body has ceased up.  Range of motion is quite limited in all joints and almost non-existent in some.

Kate said it’s important to keep the body moving, even if all you can manage is in the smallest degree. Motion helps to remove toxins.

Kate knows about chronic illness. Her niece, Barbara, experiences chronic illness and in 2009 Barbara had her colon removed.

Since then, she’s had numerous surgeries due to blockages and now she’s at the point where the doctor’s cannot do anymore surgery because of too much scar tissue.

Barbara is on a diet of pureed food to minimize stomach blockages.

Kate, Barbara’s aunt, found a facility in Florida that will assist in loosening the scar tissue in Barbara’s intestines and abdomen.

Barbara’s friend, Lisa is helping to raise funds so that Barbara can get the help she needs. All Lisa is asking for is $1 from each individual until they reach $10,000.

It would be awesome if we could help Lisa and Kate create a miracle for Barbara by contributing $1 to their fundraiser called “Project Paper Crane”.

If everyone you knew contributed $1, it won’t take long to reach the goal.

Here is a link to Lisa’s plea on Barbara’s blog (click here). And here is a link to the fundraiser page (click here).

I’ve only given a small summary here on my blog to help raise awareness for Barbara, please read both page links above to get all the details.

I sincerely appreciate the time you take to read the blog and visit the links I provide.

Love and blessings to all. 🙂

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Learning about Love: Day 12

If there is anyone who could speak on the topic of unconditional love from personal experience it would be Anita Moorjani.

You may know Anita’s story. Some of my readers have read a few of my blogs where I mentioned Anita’s story and posted an interview (click here to read).

If you are new to this story, Anita Moorjani went into a coma due to the effects of stage four cancer (lymphoma). While in the coma, Anita had a near death experience during which she felt an incredible unconditional love that she had never felt before. Anita explains that she became aware of who she truly was and saw that we’re all connected, that we are all One.

Anita awoke from the coma and went on to experience a miraculous recovery from stage four lymphoma. Within six months she looked the picture of vibrant health and gave talks to hundreds of people about her experience.

Anita came face to face with the Love that created us and saw the Truth of our being.

Here is a short two-minute video where Anita share’s a snippet of her NDE experience.

I am so grateful for people like Anita who share their inspiring experiences with the world. It helps to validate my own experiences and keeps me motivated to stay on course.

It’s been more than a few months since I’ve read Anita’s book, “Dying to be Me.” I think it’s time for a re-read.

Thanks again for reading, liking and commenting. I really appreciate the encouragement. Wishing everyone a peace and joy day.

Learning about Love: Day 7

Peace And Love

“Who, being loved, is poor?” — Oscar Wilde

Today, I’d like to explore the word ‘reverence’.

According to The Free Dictionary.com, ‘reverence’ is a feeling of profound awe and respect and often love; veneration. It’s also an act of showing respect, especially a bow or curtsy.

I’m reading a book titled “A Tree Full of Angels – Seeing the Holy in the Ordinary” written by author and Benedictine Sister, Macrina Wiederkehr.

Macrina writes;

“Today I carried all the images of life that I could hold in my mind’s eye:  trees and flowers, bees, mourning doves and turtles, geese and eagles, deer and rabbits, lions and tigers and bears, men and women, children and angels and of course, God, the Life of all life. Such beautiful memories of life filled my soul. Moments from the past visited the empty places in my heart and renewed my reverence for life.”

As a child, Macrina  experienced a profound reverence for life. She recalls saving the turtles that crossed the road from untimely death by placing them safely across the road.

I think each of us is born with a reverence for life and that most of us are educated away from the feelings of awe and deep respect as we grow up.

Like Macrina, I’m renewing my reverence for life. And…it seems synchronicity would have to agree.

When I was writing this post, I checked my  Facebook account to catch up on recent activity. A friend had shared a link to a TED talk given by Nobel Peace Price recipient Alexander Tsiaras.

Apparently, Tsiaras used the technology he and a fellow inventor created to capture the development of a human life form from conception to birth.

It’s truly amazing and only 9 minutes long.

Suggestions for contemplation: What does reverence for life mean to you? Does society foster reverence for life?

If you are new to this blog and wonder what this is all about, I’ve given myself a 100 day “Learning about Love” challenge. So — for the next 100 days, it’s all about love. My good friend calls it a “love makeover” (hehehe).

Thank you to all who accompany me on this journey. I really appreciate the support and wonderful comments. 🙂

Wishing one and all a reverent day.

Learning about Love: Day 3

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”— Rumi, Sufi mystic, poet (1207-1273)

Rumi is saying that we don’t have to seek for love because we already have love. It’s already us. We are love. We are the created. What could be more loving than that? We are magnificent miracles of love.

So why is it that we don’t value ourselves as magnificent miracles of love? Why is it that we don’t value nature as a precious miracle of love? Personally, I know I spent many years not appreciating the miracle of nature or myself.

For me, some of the barriers are ignorance, fear, worry, anxiety, drama, incessant thinking, doubt and self-absorption. These are the blocks to the infinite ocean of love waiting patiently for me to discover so that it may pour forth its healing light of transformation.

Here is a video by Kute Blackson that explains the miracle is YOU. Is there a better reason than this for us to begin to honour ourselves and others as love beings capable of so much more than we display?

So, listen to the music of love deep inside and feel the aliveness of your inner body.

  • Get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down and close your eyes if you want.
  • Bring your attention into your body feeling the inflow and outflow of your breath.
  • Feel the surface of the skin on your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and toes.
  • Do the same with your shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Notice any sensations and bring your attention into the sensation.
  • Go deeper into your body to feel your soft tissue and bones.
  • Just relax and feel the sensations for as long as you want.
  • If you find yourself thinking a stream of thoughts, gently guide your attention back into your body and repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Stop when you want to stop.
  • Try to do the exercise every day. You can even do the exercise throughout the day as often as you like while sitting or standing.

Practice the exercise for at least thirty days and notice what changes in your life.

Suggestion for contemplation:  What prevents you from hearing love’s call? What deprives you from sensing love’s stirring?

I have an important announcement!

I’m so excited to share with you a really really amazing miracle story. I know that some of you have subscribed to my other blog, Miracle Mama so you likely have already received an email announcing a new post titled, The Miracle of Anita Moorjani.

This announcement is for those of you who are not subscribed to Miracle Mama. I want to let you know about this story as well because, as I mentioned, it’s really really amazing. So, here’s the link to, The Miracle of Anita Moorjani.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! As always, please feel free to share and comment. Thank you so much for all your support. I feel very blessed to share this information.

Mind Meanderings with Miracle Mama

Hi everyone, this is a personal note to let you know what I’m up to and that I’ve taken on a pseudonym.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for contributing to make my life richer through sharing your blog posts, visiting and commenting on my blog and through your valued feedback and support. Being a part of an online community is definitely a rewarding experience.

A lot is going on and I haven’t been able to keep up with reading your blog posts. I think everyone I know is participating in the Post-A-Day challenge so it doesn’t take long to fall way behind. I enjoy reading your posts and I don’t want to miss anything and so feel compelled to read all that I’m behind on which then takes time to catch up.

During the last few months, I’ve focused on numerous items to do with my health, personal life, work, career and life path. Some of you may recall I began an experiment in healing a few months ago. I tested the effect of energy medicine, Ayurvedic herbs, naturopathic medicine, dietary changes and meditation. Through it all, I noticed a greatly reduced experience of symptoms like pain and inflammation to the point that I didn’t feel the need to take a prescribed bi-weekly pharmaceutical injection for my immune system. Yay!

Since the experiment didn’t follow scientific protocol, I have no idea what actually made the difference in my condition. Was it all of the above, some of the above and if so, which one(s)? The reason I ask the question is because in the past few weeks the symptoms have increased again. The last energy treatment was several weeks ago, I ran out of Ayurvedic herbs and haven’t been able to re-order yet, I lax with the strict gluten-free, vegan diet and I have not been meditating regularly.

Oh well, life happens. No stress about it. I’ll just keep experimenting as funds permit.

In the area of my work and personal life, the theme is “moving”. I’m moving out of self-employed bookkeeping and into the unknown. Yes, I’ve given my clients notice and over the next few months I’ll find new things to do. At the end of the month, I’m moving out of my current living arrangement and into a place of my own. Yay!

Lastly, I’ve created a new persona and blog called Miracle Mama. It’s a collection of miracle stories and magical moments to inspire and encourage freedom from limited thinking, fear, doubt, helplessness and oppression. You can read the full story on the blog in the first post called, “Inception: Miracle Stories and Magical Moments” and on the “About MM” page.

In future, I’ll conduct interviews with people all over the world who have experienced miracles and magical moments. If you have an experience you wish to share I would love to post it on the blog. Or, if you’ve heard a miracle story that you would like to pass along to share on the blog that would be awesome.

Miracle stories occur all the time, they’re all around us when we have the desire to notice. Miracles uplift and give hope. I want to help contribute to the consciousness of miracles through sharing stories on Miracle Mama. I hope you will join me to help spread the word and pass along this information to your family and friends if you feel inclined.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

An Unlikely Match – Love Story

What in the world could an elephant have in common with a dog?

The story of Tara and Bella as seen on this CBSNews Assignment America segment, inspires many questions about the nature of life.

Tara is an elephant that lives in the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Bella is a stray dog that happened to find a home along with other stray dogs at the sanctuary.

Usually elephants seek out other elephants for companionship, but Tara and Bella are different. Tara and Bella are best buds. They eat, sleep and play together.

One day, Bella suffered a spinal cord injury. Sanctuary personnel brought her to the sanctuary office where she stayed for three weeks. Tara held vigil outside the office for three weeks.

Please watch this demonstration of true love between an unlikely pair and hear the full story.

Do animals know a truth that we don’t seem to get?