Hello my beloved humans! May I have this dance?

I received permission from Occupy Your Heart to Reblog their post Trip The Light as part of my Learning about Love series.

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Occupy Your Heart

I’ve just had the mixed blessing of a week without Internet service. I hope to be more mindful of the time I spend hopping from site to site for the next information “hit”.

What I missed were some of the inspirational, moving, fun videos such as this one. Thanks to the power of ten to Matt and the team that produced this video.

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I Found the Meaning for my Life

“The road is long

With many a winding turn

That leads us to who knows where

Who knows where

But I’m strong

Strong enough to carry him

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

So on we go.”

Lyrics by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell.

It seemed like an ordinary day.

As I returned home from the grocery store, I met Eileen. Some of you know Eileen from My New Friend. Eileen’s 92 now. She had another birthday.

Eileen was on her way toward the parking lot. I was on my way toward the apartment complex where we live. We met just outside the door to the building. Eileen noticed the grocery bags dangling from my hands.

“Here, I’ll open the door for you.” Eileen reached back into her pocket to retrieve her keys.

“Thank you, Eileen. How are you doing?”

“I couldn’t be better. Here, I’ll get the other door for you as well,” she offered while she scurried toward the inside door that led to the hall where my apartment unit was.

I followed, protesting, “Oh, no, you don’t have to do that, Eileen. You’re on your way out.”

As she stood holding the door open, looking up at me, she beamed, “We’re here to help others. I know that more than ever now.”

My heart melted.

“May I give you a hug, Eileen?”

Eileen smiled. The light shone through her eyes. I dropped the grocery bags to the floor.  We hugged.

Love Itself spoke to me that day.

Stand Up, Put your Hands Together and Let’s Sing!

A Facebook friend shared the video “Stand By Me Playing For Change Song Around the World“. The video brought tears to my eyes as I listened to the voices and watched people from around the world singing and playing as One.

The video is full of Love. See if you can feel the love too.

Did you feel the Love? If so, please share and invite others to do the same.

Find out more, visit Playing For Change.com.

Hope you enjoyed this inspiring musical interlude. Thanks so much for visiting.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley

My New Friend

123RF.com image

Two days after I moved into my new apartment in the seniors building (read here), someone angrily rapped my knocker. (All the apartment doors have brass knockers. They’re easier to hear and you don’t hurt your knuckles when you call on a neighbour.)

I opened my door. A short elderly woman leaned on her walker. She snarled, “You parked in my spot.”

Innocently, I responded, “Oh…. I did? The superintendent told me the parking was not assigned and I could park anywhere I liked.”

“He DID, DID he. Well I’ve had THAT spot for 12 years, ever since I moved in here, so you’ll have to find another spot,” the woman growled.

Hearing the commotion, a neighbour from down the hall approached us.

“There is a spot that no one is using at the end of the second row. You can park there if you like,” the neighbour offered.

“Thank you, I’ll move my car,” I replied sheepishly.

I’d had my first encounter with Eileen.

About a week later, I pulled into my parking spot at the end of the row while Eileen pulled into her spot, four cars down. We entered the building together.

“I just came from my son’s house,” she said gruffly. “The family took me out for brunch today for my 91st birthday.”

“Ninety-one, well happy birthday to you! Did you have fun?”

“Oh yes,” she responded as she eyed me suspiciously.

The next time I met Eileen coming in from the parking lot, she had forgotten her walker in her car. When I asked if I could help, she retorted, “I don’t need any help,” and toddled off back toward her car. Feeling a little foolish, I headed toward my apartment.

Eileen approached me one day while I did my laundry. She told me her story.

Twenty years ago, Eileen was on kidney dialysis due to poisoning from chemicals in the workplace. She said it was the worst time of her life. She prayed to either die or get off dialysis. A week later her kidneys started working again on their own and the doctor took her off the dialysis machine. She hasn’t needed dialysis since.

We had a nice chat about her life and her family.

Eileen bowed her head, “I have to apologize for that day I knocked at your door. I was so mean and you were so nice.”

“Don’t think anything of it, Eileen, it was nice to meet you,” I reassured.

That was six months ago.

The other day, I had the pleasure of accompanying Eileen to the Christmas banquet at her church.

We had just seated ourselves at one of the fifteen large round tables in the hall when a lady stopped by to greet Eileen. Eileen introduce me as her friend.

Eileen explained to the lady that she was without a car to drive for a few days.

The lady commented, “They clipped your wings, did they?”

I piped in, “I haven’t known Eileen for very long, but from what I can tell, I don’t think there is anyone who can clip Eileen’s wings.”

“You’re right about that,” the lady chuckled.

Eileen looked puzzled, “What did you say?”

I leaned closer and repeated my statement with a louder voice.

Eileen grinned, “It didn’t take you long to figure me out.”

We laughed. I’m sure I saw a twinkle in her eye.

The Christmas banquet featured a lovely home-made turkey dinner complete with a special guest in concert.

The buffet table was lined with dishes of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn, turnip, stuffing, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, bread and butter. For dessert, we had plum pudding and cherry cheesecake (so much for my new eating plan, Oh well, it was worth it).

The special guest was Eduard Klassen in concert with his Paraguayan Folk Harp. Here is a taste of Eduard’s beautiful gift of music.


Hope you enjoyed Eduard’s music. It was a lovely Christmas concert and a lovely afternoon spent with Eileen.

Thank you Eileen.

Seniors need Passion and Books need Readers

First, seniors need passion.

What is a senior?  The term used to describe someone over the age of 55 or 60, depending on where you live or travel.

What is passion?  Strong or intense desire and enthusiasm.

Poor financial planning and disease culminated a small, but comfortable geared-to-income apartment in a lovely senior’s complex. I moved in during the month of May. With the serious health challenges that followed, it was what I needed.

The tenants look out for one another and are always willing to lend a helping hand in whatever way they can.

We have a tenant’s association to organize activities. In the fall and winter we play darts and euchre. We celebrate birthday’s every month with a special supper and some months we have an additional “cake and ice cream” night. This month we’re having a breakfast instead of supper.

Good luck!

There is always a jig-saw puzzle in process on one of the tables in the two lounges. Every night some of the ladies gather in the lounge to play cards. My apartment is next door to the lounge. Some nights the excitement and laughter filters through the wall making me giggle.

It’s wonderful that activities are available, but still, time drags on for many of the tenants. Some don’t sleep well. Many watch the television for long periods of time. Some isolate. Some are bored. Most have health challenges.

The lyrics of Peggy Lee’s 1970 number 1 hit, “Is That All There Is?” come to mind. I particularly love the line, “If that’s all there is my friend, then lets keep dancing.”

I love to dance (although I can’t right now) and I’ve found the perfect 71-year-old female DJ who can mix the tunes. Mamy Rock Ruth Flowers is featured on a blog called Late Bloomer by Debra Eve. Ruth was 69 when she discovered the passion that “energized” and “made me feel so much younger”. (Click on Late Bloomer to read the full article and watch Mamy in action)

I wonder if our tenant’s association is interested to plan a Mamy Rock event. Although, we’ll likely need a new venue, the lounge will be too small for the 60+ crowd I expect will attend.

Why is passion important? Passion gives a sense of purpose. It is said that people who live with passion also live longer and happier lives.

At 69, Ruth Flowers (Mamy Rock) found her passion and ignited the innermost flame of youth. At 56, I found a passion that excites, energizes and provides a new sense of purpose.

Books need readers.

Significant health challenges have interrupted my ability to earn income and I’m looking for ways to survive while I get back on track.

I’ve made a list of used books and tapes that I will gladly share. To view the list, please visit my other blog by clicking here. The offer might be more feasible to the local folks, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Once again, thanks for reading. I hope everyone enjoys Debra’s article on Ruth Flowers.

May we each realize our passion to live long happy lives with purpose.