Learning about Love: Day 9

My life is unbelievable.

It was 6:30 p.m. on Monday when I decided to go downtown for ice cream and sit by the river. As I got ready, I felt a little melancholy. Most of my time is spent alone and sometimes the loneliness gets to me. This was one of those times.

I thought how nice it would be to have someone in my life. Then I thought about all the things that are attached to having someone special in my life and the previous thought vanished. I’m not ready for the whole enchilada.

I enjoyed a cup of very tasty organic blueberry ice cream while I sat at the picnic table by the river.

Mmmm ice cream

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. People were collecting in the park. Someone was setting up a small stage and a speaker and music system. Young women in workout clothes arrived. They told me it was Zumba in the park night. For two seconds I thought about participating, then I had a visual of what that would look like and decided to pass.

Zumba dancers

Just as I finished my very tasty ice cream I noticed an older woman walking toward the picnic table. I smiled.  She sat down. She told me that she has lived in the town for seven years and this is the first time she has been to the park.

We chatted for the next hour and a half. Then she invited me to her home to see her zapper.

I have wanted to try a zapper since I heard about them a number of years ago. The least expensive one I found was selling for $100.00. That’s a lot of money to throw away if the thing doesn’t work, I thought. So, I’ve never bought one.

A zapper is a device that sends electrical current into your body and kills parasites, apparently. Hulda Clark, the inventor, has the directions for how to make one in her book, “The Cure for all Disease.”

My park friend’s son-in-law made a few zapper’s up for her and her family. She has an extra one to lend to me when she finds where she put it. In the meantime, she gave me a treatment while I was at her house. All I felt was some pulsing sensations in my hands where I held the wet paper towel covered copper cylinders. I think the idea is to use it everyday until you notice relief from symptoms.

So — now I have a new friend with a zapper. Amazing! This stuff just magically happens. All I have to do is show up.

The greatest service is to recognize the essence or the reality of the other person. Everything else passes away, is transitory, but that recognition of the other as God and one with who you are, to see that, that is the greatest service you can give – the realization of who that person truly is beyond the form. ˜ Eckhart Tolle

Once again, thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey. Wishing everyone a really awesome day.

If you are new to this blog and wonder what this is all about, I’ve given myself a 100 day “Learning about Love” challenge. So — for the next 100 days, it’s all about love. My good friend calls it a “love makeover” (hehehe).

Thank you to all who accompany me on this journey. I really appreciate the support and wonderful comments. 🙂

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Learning about Love: Day 3

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”— Rumi, Sufi mystic, poet (1207-1273)

Rumi is saying that we don’t have to seek for love because we already have love. It’s already us. We are love. We are the created. What could be more loving than that? We are magnificent miracles of love.

So why is it that we don’t value ourselves as magnificent miracles of love? Why is it that we don’t value nature as a precious miracle of love? Personally, I know I spent many years not appreciating the miracle of nature or myself.

For me, some of the barriers are ignorance, fear, worry, anxiety, drama, incessant thinking, doubt and self-absorption. These are the blocks to the infinite ocean of love waiting patiently for me to discover so that it may pour forth its healing light of transformation.

Here is a video by Kute Blackson that explains the miracle is YOU. Is there a better reason than this for us to begin to honour ourselves and others as love beings capable of so much more than we display?

So, listen to the music of love deep inside and feel the aliveness of your inner body.

  • Get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down and close your eyes if you want.
  • Bring your attention into your body feeling the inflow and outflow of your breath.
  • Feel the surface of the skin on your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and toes.
  • Do the same with your shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Notice any sensations and bring your attention into the sensation.
  • Go deeper into your body to feel your soft tissue and bones.
  • Just relax and feel the sensations for as long as you want.
  • If you find yourself thinking a stream of thoughts, gently guide your attention back into your body and repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Stop when you want to stop.
  • Try to do the exercise every day. You can even do the exercise throughout the day as often as you like while sitting or standing.

Practice the exercise for at least thirty days and notice what changes in your life.

Suggestion for contemplation:  What prevents you from hearing love’s call? What deprives you from sensing love’s stirring?

Learning about Love: Day 1

Unconditional Love

“Love at its deepest is feeling a friend as if he is yourself, to not differentiate “another person” from “me” .”

Michael Laitman, Founder and President of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education and Research Institute.

Another way of saying;

“Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Matthew 22:39

Suggestion for contemplation:  What does it mean to feel a friend as if he/she is yourself, as if they are not separate from you, as if they are connected to you at the deepest level; your essence, Life Itself?  When you see someone today, be present to their essence. Be present to your essence. Overlook what the senses tell you, just feel the essence. It is Love, just as yours is Love.

What does it mean to love thy neighbour as thyself? Does it mean, love thy neighbour as if he/she is thyself, as if you are One and the same?