Doubt Not!

It happened while I tried to sleep last night; a poem began to write itself. I quick got the flashlight and my handy writing pad and pen. I wrote down the words as they played in my head. It finished itself as I went about my day today. Here it is;

The road ahead is paved with gold,
If I believe, I am told.

A voice whispers don’t be so bold,
You are too old.

What is this doubt that you hold?
Why, it’s limited consciousness that’s being sold.

Be gone you paralyzing mould,
I will not fall into your fold.

For I have visions of a grandeur kind,
And you will not get me into your bind.

With unlimited consciousness, I will dine,
Grandeur unlimited thoughts will fill my mind.

Doubt not and partake of this new thought,
and life will manifest whatever you sought.

The End.

Copyright, Marianne Irvine and Grandeurvision, 2010.


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