Learning about Love: Day 42

Sunbeam on the river

Today marks the forty-second day into my 100-day learning about love challenge and I wonder if I’ve learned anything about love so far.

I seemed to have had a preconceived notion that a 100-day love challenge would help me to feel loving and blissful 24/7. I think I failed miserably.

My mind seems to take me out more often these days. My mind wants to talk about how I’m not having much success with health, career and finances.

I hold onto the thoughts. I ruminate over them. I see the evidence staring back.

I declare, “Never mind. It doesn’t matter. Only love matters.”

I am resisting. I am impatient.

“What you resist; persists.”

Go with the flow.

I forgot to embrace the crap.

Embrace impatience. Embrace resistance.

Find the sacred in the struggle. Love will appear.

Thank Good.Β  Go with the flow and breath.


Hello to new followers and Facebook friends. I appreciate your support very much.Β  Wishing all an embracing day.


15 thoughts on “Learning about Love: Day 42

  1. I love your honest thoughts, Marianne. I was just reading a non-duality book yesterday that said we can never reach the love we want to be, because it’s something we already ARE. (Non-duality books can frustrate the heck out of this mind, don’t you think sometimes?) It said love can never be a goal because who we truly are beneath all the thoughts/feelings/emotions IS unconditional love. I am still sinking into this realization so that the cells and heart feel the truth of it. Blessings to all of us in our journey to realize love…

    • Thanks for the reminder, Kathy. Anita Moorjani experienced the truth of it during her near death experience. I’ve also read that Lester Levenson, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and many many others experienced it as well. I wonder if they have days when they forget.

      For now, I’ll keep practicing being in the moment and remember it’s my thoughts about my situation that is the problem because my situation is what it is and my thoughts about it determine my feelings about it.

      Thank you very much for your comment and the blessings, Kathy. πŸ™‚

  2. I think that we all “forget” sometimes, and get “bolted’ back! It seems to be part of the rhythm of the journey. I love the way you said that you saw the “reflections” staring back at you….that does become something that wakes us! I notice that sometimes in between great leaps forward/inward/All-bound, there is a period of adjustment as the other energies shift, let go, re-align and let go. Maybe part of that includes a need to pull back a bit at times, like and in-breath to assimilate. I am simple happy to hear from you! Love, Linda

    • Thank you for your wise words, Linda. When I look back over my entire life, I realize that on one level, not much has changed. Although I live my life in a more conscious way now, sometimes I feel that I’m just doing the same things only with more awareness. The actual state or external conditions of my life is exactly as they were all those years ago. Sometimes, I wonder about fate. Could it really be possible that we choose our life before birth. I wonder what others think about this. Maybe the topic is surfacing to be explored in a blog post. Hmmmm….
      Anyway, it’s great to have wonderfully supportive blog-neighbours. Love to you, Linda. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, how I so can relate to this, Marianne. You see, sharing this honesty is sharing your love because now I don’t feel so alone in the way I’m struggling with my mind’s focus. Kathy, Thank you too, for sharing the wisdom from what you read. Blessings to you both.

    • Thank you Lori. Your comment inspires me. I’m seeing the sacred in the struggle as I read, ponder and reply to comments and I say bring it on. It can’t get much better than this. Blessings to you Lori. πŸ™‚

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  5. I was just reading Kathy’s comments and your responses. I’d like to join you both in that practice.

    I love your honesty, Marianne. I struggle too, for similar reasons.

  6. I love your love challenge, Marianne, and can also appreciate your struggles with it. I would like to think that I could feel the love 24/7, but I know that it would be a daily test and I’m sure I would have my ups and downs as well. I appreciate your honesty. Take care.

    • I appreciate your comment, Cathy. The challenges I give to myself help to keep me focused in areas that need attention. I grapple with the true meaning of love through my daily interactions, readings, feelings and blog postings. Authenticity is quite important to me and I feel blessed to have blog neighbours who also have a high regard for authenticity. Thanks for your comment, Cathy. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚

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